Welcome to COIL Yoga! It is truly an honor that you have chosen our studio to explore the practice of Yoga. The instructors at COIL Yoga are trained professionals who are genuinely interested in supporting your experience as you discover the benefits of Yoga. This information is here to help you get started on your path.

What is Yoga?

Yoga, which means "union" or "to yoke,” is both a philosophical system and a science whose goal is the attainment of self awareness. Although ancient, yoga is not outdated. It has proved it’s’ value for a vast diversity of people from every culture in our modern world. Hatha Yoga offers all students the opportunity to deepen our self understanding through physical movement, breathing practices and eventually meditation. Yoga is an invitation for people to experience themselves in all dimensions of their being. Yoga is a personal journey for everyone. Your practice doesn’t have to “be” like anyone else’s experience. The support of educated teachers and the community of others is a wonderful foundation for any new student.
I have never done yoga before, how do I get started?
There are several ways to “get started” on your personal journey into the world of Yoga. We have workshops monthly called “Intro to Yoga Basics Series” that meet during the weekday for new students as well as a weekend workshop intensive for those who want to experience an intensive workshop in one weekend. We also encourage people to just jump in to the Beginner, and All level classes offered weekly at the studio. A more personal approach would be to set up a private session with Katie to develop a personal practice and get a one-on-one experience.

Is it safe to do yoga if I have an injury or medical condition?

In most cases the answer to that question is yes. In fact yoga is excellent way to support the body in its healing process. Our Restorative Yoga classes are the BEST way to start a practice if you are dealing with an injury or chronic illness. You will want to inform your doctor or health care provider before you begin your practice, and be sure to let your teacher know what is going on so they can address your specific needs.

What style of yoga is right for me?

There are many different styles of Yoga. Some styles are fast paced and vigorous while others are very gentle and slow-moving. All of the styles of yoga have benefits, so evaluating your individual needs and personality type will help point you in the right direction. At COIL Yoga, we encourage our students to experiment with all the different styles of Yoga, even at other studios so that they can discover the practice and or practices that bring balance to their life.

I just found out I am pregnant, should I do yoga?

Yoga is a fabulous way to support your body and the life forming within. There are some precautions however, so you will want to let your doctor and your instructor knows that you are pregnant (especially if you are in your first trimester). Yoga can benefit moms in both the prenatal and postnatal phase of pregnancy. Yoga can help support you in both of those important stages of your journey into motherhood.

What is the proper etiquette when in a Yoga class?

When entering the formal class room, please be mindful of those around you. Place your mat down quietly, take your shoes off before entering the practice space and refrain from talking loudly to those around you. If you have a question during the practice that pertains to a pose we are in please feel free to speak up. If that question has to do with something else, then approach your instructor after class. At the end of all of our classes, we sit briefly in a cross legged position and take a moment to reflect on our experience in silence and extend gratitude. The instructor will prompt the students to end with a traditional phrase “Namaste.” This means, “The divine light in me, recognizes the divine light within you, when you recognize that light in me, and I recognize that light in you, we are one.” You aren’t required to repeat this but it is a courtesy to do so.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Brings balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.
Helps with sleeping disorders
Helps with strength, flexibility range of motion and balance
Promotes healthier self-esteem and awareness
Calms the mind, reduces stress and anxiety
Revitalizes the body and mind
Slows heart rate
Lowers blood pressure
Increases circulation
Strengthens and tones muscles
Helps to detoxify system
Improves function of internal organs
Balances muscular system
Increases metabolism and energy
Can help reduce depression, stress and insomnia

What do I need to do to prepare for a class?

Please wear comfortable, breathable fabrics. Layering is also helpful, as your body temperature changes throughout your practice. We practice normally in bare feet except for the Restorative classes you may wear socks if you prefer.

Please refrain from wearing any colognes or perfumes.

Bring a towel to wipe down your mat after use if you sweat during class.

We provide studio mats for $1 rental, but we encourage you to purchase your own. Your mat is an important tool and a symbol of commitment to your practice.

Avoid practicing with a full stomach, and drink plenty of water before class to remain hydrated through your practice.

Yoga is a process. Be consistent in your practice. Be patient and compassionate with yourself.

Make a conscious effort to leave your cell phones in the car and/or turn them off before entering the studio.




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