COIL Yoga is fortunate to have a wide variety of teachers who offer classes at COIL to share their wisdom and experience as Yoga professionals in the Central Valley. COIL Yoga is one place you may find these amazing teachers inspiring, uplifting, and transforming lives one breath at a time. Please join them on their Facebook pages and individual web sites for more on what they have to offer!


Katie Flinn, RYT, Owner

KatieKatie is the owner of COIL Yoga and a certified Yoga teacher through the Santa Barbara Yoga Center. She opened COIL Yoga over 11 years ago in downtown Fresno amidst much skepticism about starting any type of business downtown, much less a Yoga studio! COIL Yoga is a thriving Yoga studio that has become the pulse of CONSCIOUSNESS in the central valley Yoga community. COIL Yoga has been recognized by local media as being the “Best Yoga Studio” in the central valley and just recently named “Best Small Yoga Studio” in the US by Fitness Magazine. Katie is married to Jason Gardner, and they are the happy parents of Noah and Sienna! The challenge of running a business, being in relationship and learning how to be a parent are reasons enough to have yoga as a mainstay in her life. She is a dedicated Yogini and strives to bring Yoga to the masses of Fresno by offering a wide variety of Yoga styles and classes in beautiful space that provides your heart, mind, and body a sacred space to cultivate peace from within.

“I am passionate about life and being able to assist people in finding balance in their lives. Human beings have a basic need to give and receive love. The practice of Yoga shows each person, in their own time, how to cultivate an open heart. Learning how to become conscious and open enough to integrate life's lessons requires guidance and encouragement. Yoga is a means of enhancing our lives through self-realization. I am committed to guiding people, through Yoga, to a place where each student embraces their own authentic self with love, acceptance and compassion. Learning Yoga is truly an invaluable investment in our selves, to the end of improving the overall quality of our lives. I know from experience that the practice of Yoga requires patience, dedication, acceptance and trust that allow us each to be better people. I invite you to begin your personal journey to a more Conscious, Open, Integrated Life at COIL YOGA!”
–Katie Flinn

Erica Fisher, Manager

EricaI have been a student at COIL since 2005. After being a stay-at-home mom for over a decade, I began working at the front desk at the studio in 2011, first as a participant in our Work/Trade program, then as Receptionist, and now as Manager. I feel so fortunate to be a part of our loving, supportive yoga community, both as a student and as part of the COIL Yoga crew.

Diane Engeln, RYT 200, INHC

DianeI get inspired each time I step on the mat. I feel like I reclaim my power of love, vibrancy and focus when I practice yoga. I am creating the life I want to live because of the nourishment that the practice of yoga gives me. Since I stepped on my mat in COIL Yoga 10 years ago I have been able to connect more easily to an inner peace, power and loving kindness for myself and for others.

Instructing yoga is an honor, I share the gifts I have been given from my practice to others and receive in like the beautiful cycle back, to share again.

Completing the 200 Hour Teacher Training Program at Santa Barbara Yoga Center and the 200 Hour TT Program at COIL Yoga has inspired me to want to live a more conscious, open and integrated life from all the magic, challenges, blissful feelings and transformative experiences yoga has given me. I continue to grow and learn from all of the students that I am honored to guide.

Gwint A. Fisher, MA, CSCS

GwintMy infatuation with human movement began when I was a young boy. I was constantly engaged in some type of sport throughout childhood and adolescence. Following that passion I decided to continue my study of the human body at Fresno State University while working to pay for my education as a personal trainer. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Exercise Science in 2010 I incurred a debilitating injury that threatened the end my career in the fitness industry. During that time I came across a book, called FREE TO MOVE by Scott Sonnon. It changed my life. This book offered me insight in how my body was designed to move, and outlined a simple approach on how to regain that innate ability injury free. It took an entire year, but finally I was pain free. In 2013 I took my first Circular Strength Training certification (developed by Coach Sonnon), the world’s premiere Health First Fitness System, which sent me on a journey of exploration, adventure, and healing…. A journey that continues to this day. I have since been certified in Clubbell Athletics, Clubbell Yoga, and the TACFIT Fitness System… coined “The World’s Smartest Workout” by Men’s Health Magazine. These vehicles allow me to share more intelligent and advanced training methods in a manner that is accessible to everyone, at any level. They offer improvements in mobility, strength, power, coordination, agility, endurance, heart rate recovery, and above all create a healthy body that is resilient, and prepared to face the challenges of daily life.

Jameson Henkle, RYT 200

JamesonJameson is a modern yogi with a passion for active lifestyle. He comes to work on the mat daily and applies this practice into everyday life. He seeks to create a platform allowing for growth and expansion both physically and mentally through a stable, secure foundation. Using principles of alignment, you will cultivate strength, balance, and flexibility in your yoga practice through thoughtful action. Jameson loves people of all walks, styles, attitudes, and outlooks. He welcomes anyone and everyone to come share in this wonderful practice of breath and movement.

Julie Lambert, RYT 200

JulieYoga inspires and teaches me to practice being in the present moment, moment by moment. In this way, I am learning to surrender, and what that means to me on and off the mat. Above all, my yoga practice reinforces a hyper-awareness that WE are all connected! As a yoga teacher, I am honored to help nurture the journey of growing mind/body/heart connections in others.

Kellee Dohrman, RYT 200, AWC 500

KelleeEach time I guide a class, I get out of my head as much as possible by dropping down all my knowledge, opinions, beliefs, thoughts, judgments, and expectations.

In that way, I become a clear channel for the playfulness of life to move through me and benefit every student in any way they need to benefit. By allowing the class to be composed by all the hearts of everyone in it, I remain a student, also learning, and I merely personify the teachings.

Kristin English, E-RYT 200, RYT 500

KristinThe path of yoga is a journey of self-study, self-inquiry. Kristin believes that the key to true happiness, true contentment, is through a shift in our relationship to ourselves. “Learning to connect the mind, to the body and to the breath are key elements on this path of personal, and universal, healing. The practice of yoga is the development of conscious connection that will enrich all aspects of our inner and outer lives."

She is "in love" with the experience of sharing yoga with people in all stages of life. Fusing foundations in Hatha Yoga and Vipassana Meditation, while bringing in an extensive therapeutic background, she provides a safe and healing environment for the process of transformation to flower. You can learn more or contact her at:

Marie DiBona-Herzog, ERYT 200, RPYT

MarieYoga found Marie at the age of 18, and it saved her from a struggle with anxiety and depression. She grew up in Los Angeles, spending time at the beach as often as possible and graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in European Studies and Italian Language. After college she completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in the Anusara style and has been teaching ever since. She encourages her students to Be in their Hearts, to honor their bodies, and empower themselves through mindful self-discovery. She has continued her education by completing the following Yoga trainings; Anusara Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Trance Dance, Therapeutic/Restorative Yoga, Yoganesha Kids Yoga, Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga and Bhakti Yoga with Anne Van De Water and Sean Johnson.

You can find her teaching Prenatal Yoga, Restorative/Therapeutic Yoga, Mom and Me Yoga, Yoga Trance Dance and Hatha Flow when she’s not traveling, baking, or playing with her two young boys.

Sharon McClain, RYT 200

SharonAlways interested in physical pursuits, I studied dance in my younger years and more recently, have hiked throughout the Sierras with my husband. When an injury brought me to COIL Yoga in 2005, I found unexpected benefits beyond healing my physical injury and improving fitness. As I went about the business of my life off the mat, I experienced an inner calmness that I hadn’t been able to achieve through other therapeutic venues. From the combination of movement, mindfulness, and breath, I found a sense of restoration and transformation on many levels. I also discovered a strong desire to share the benefits of yoga with others, and am grateful to offer this amazing, ancient practice at COIL Yoga.

Susan Angustia, RYT 200

SusanI developed a keen interest in physical fitness in my 20’s which led to an intense daily workout obsession. Years of kick-boxing resulted to an injury that would not go away. Around that same time, I was introduced to yoga and found a mode of physical movement that supported my body in a way I had never before experienced.

Yoga is an integrated workout, building on the relationship between body, mind and breath. The practice not only helped heal and strengthen my body, but it also helped focus my mind on what is essential in my life: my ability to be in the moment which makes me more present for my relationships with others.

In my classes, I love to offer creative sequencing with a spirit of light playfulness. I am mindful to offer modifications and adjustments to fit all body capabilities and conditions. I learn from guiding others and sharing how this practice has helped me grow, mentally, emotionally and physically. I have a strong desire to help others find that same symbiotic balance, using breath to move physically while expanding the mind.

Tanya Anderson, RYT 200

Tanya “Yoga has changed me in every possible way and I’ll never go back!”  Tanya Anderson RYT, was certified in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga through It’s Yoga in Sonoma California.  Tanya credits yoga with changing her life, “Before I began my practice I was unhealthy, overweight and just plain unhappy.”

Ever since she hit the mat Tanya has been compelled to live a kinder, healthier, and much happier life.  Through her practice Tanya has seen many areas of her life impacted in positive ways and believes that teaching yoga is a wonderful way to support others in improving their quality of life.  “I believe that happiness is a choice and it is up to each of us to live our happiest life and to help others if we can.” Tanya’s classes are known to range from lighthearted and challenging, to soothing and relaxing.

In her free time Tanya enjoys cooking healthy food, working out and spending time with her friends.

Hala Aryan, RYT 200

HalaMy yoga journey began in 1998 with a VHS playing in my tiny San Diego living room. I had to push aside my coffee table just to make enough space for my mat. I continued to dabble in yoga for years, but didn’t develop a consistent, dedicated practice until 2010. Over the next five years, I would find that the more often I practiced, the more I would access the life-altering benefits of this ancient tradition.

B.K.S. Iyengar once said, “If you don’t want your life to change, don’t get on the mat.” The practice of yoga has made me a kinder, gentler person. It enables to me to see my life with more clarity and perspective. I worry less and marvel more. Teaching yoga is an honor and a privilege. Every time I step into the studio, I aim to stay true to yogic philosophy, to truly see my students as unique, but interconnected, spirits, and to provide students a place of refuge.

Erin Emerson

ErinErin is married and a mom of 3. She is certified through Power Pilates and Peak Pilates in the methods of teaching Mat Pilates as well as on the Reformer and Cadillac apparatus’. She began her training in 2002, taking classes through the school of Boston Pilates Education, and finished her formal training in December of 2003.

After privately training clients for a couple of years (2003-2004), she continued to teach Mat Pilates classes in numerous different settings after her first child was born. While living in Massachusetts (2003-2009), she had the privilege of teaching in a Dance Studio, Raynham Athletic Club, and The Holiday Inn Athletic Center. Since moving to Fresno, CA, she has taught Mat Pilates at Gymnastics Beat, Aikido Dojo of Fresno, and privately for those wanting a more personalized experience. (2014-2016)

Erin’s trainers often said that one of her strong suits is her ability to read her clients and help them adjust and modify the movements in Pilates so that they could challenge their bodies to find deeper strength and flexibility in their practice. She enjoys the mind/body connection and attention that Pilates brings to helping the body align itself naturally through movement and breathe, which brings much needed inner balance in today’s fast pace world.

Corrie Haley

CorrieCorrie walked into her first yoga class in Costa Rica in 2009, searching for a space to find a brief escape from her hectic schedule. Soon she found that the time spent on her mat allowed her to let go and grow: physically, mentally and emotionally. After 7 years of practice, she pursued her 200-hour certification at Raffa Yoga in Rhode Island, and graduated in December 2015. Corrie is committed to creating a space where others can connect to their breath, bodies, and community.

Honoring your body and having fun are Corrie's biggest priorities for you. She uses creative and purposeful sequencing to create an open, fun and safe atmosphere. You are always welcome to move at your own pace as you build your practice.






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